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The cat condo, I ordered, was a 73" leopard skin cat tree condo. When I received the condo, it was damaged, not brand new, as indicated, in the sale, had missing parts, and, different poles. When the seller, did not respond, to my emails, I was left, with no choice, but, to file a claim, to get my money back. It was only, after I filed the claim, and, got my refund, that Cavilier Wholesale started to send me emails, about their damaged product. ARE YOU KIDDING ME!!! The following is a list of what was wrong, with this condo. 1) One of the playmice, was missing, from, one of the top perches. 2) The bracket, on the one stair panel, was completely bent. 3) There were globs of glue, on all, of the bottom parts, of the condo, and, on various parts of the material, covering the condo, and, could not be removed. 4) The material on the large cat house, and top perches, of the condo was torn, in various places. 5) The packet holding the tools and, screws, was opened, and, the tools, and half of the screws, were missing. 6) The poles, that came, with the condo, were not the same poles, that were shown, in the picture, of the condo. Clearly, this condo, was not fit for sale. I am posting this, because, I want other people, who are thinking about purchasing, this particular cat condo, to see, what was sent to me, and, what I had to go through, to get my money back, from Cavilier Wholesale.

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Bethlehem, Pennsylvania, United States #1255523

Wow, man. Please lay off the commas.

It's better to use no commas at all than to litter your writing like you did. It hurt my brain trying to read through.

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